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Westport Autogas Upfit Program

About Us:

Westport Dallas Inc. is the leading Alternative Fuel System installation company in Texas, located in Dallas.


A Ford QVM with 28 Years of experience in the industry, started in 1992 with Autogas Propane and CNG upfits before focussing exclusively on CNG after 2009.


Nowadays, besides their standard offerings of CNG systems and installations, Westport Dallas is working closely together with Alliance Autogas and Prins Autogas Systems, to deliver the latest technology and the best Autogas Propane systems in the US to the State of Texas.


This Autogas technology, the logistic and professional experience operating as a Ford QVM ship-through company, make Westport Dallas the ideal partner for Autogas upfits for new and used vehicles for fleets and businesses.


Westport Dallas Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westport Fuel Systems https://wfsinc.com/


Frequently asked questions

Is driving on Autogas cleaner for the environment?

Yes, driving on Autogas will reduce CO2 emissions up to 21% (source WLPGA) and other harmful Particulate Matter up to 95%. While you save on fuel, your vehicle will also have cleaner emissions.

Are the Westport Autogas systems certified?

Yes, all Autogas systems offered by us are EPA certified, vehicle emission and OBD compliant and come with protected calibrations.

How do I know if there is an Autogas system available for my vehicle?

Our team is available to ask any vehicle compliance questions. If your vehicle is not on the shortlist on the frontpage of this website, it does not mean that we don’t have a system for you. Just contact us and we will help you further.

Does my vehicle apply to the funding program if I want an Autogas Upfit?

If you contact us, we verify together with you if your vehicle will apply based on the regulations.

How long does it take for an Autogas upfit?

Apart from any vehicle delivery logistics, the upfit and quality control typically take two working days.

What is my MPG when operating on Autogas?

The Miles per Gallon on Autogas depends on the gasoline engine in your vehicle and is typically approximately 15% less with any Autogas system.

Is special training needed to service an Autogas vehicle?

Yes, only trained mechanics are allowed to service, diagnose or repair Autogas systems.



If you are interested in an Autogas upfit for your vehicle, need an offer or if you want any other Autogas information, we will gladly help you out.

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